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    Unanswered: Authorization problems with dso and asp (vbscript)

    Hi all,
    I have an authorization problem while trying to access to Metadata informations of Analysis Services via DSO with vbscript over IIS.
    Calling from Browser an ASP page with the following content:
    dim dsoServer, dsoDatabase, dsoCube
    set dsoServer = Server.CreateObject ("DSO.Server")
    dsoServer.Connect ("<myServerName>")
    produces the following error:
    Unable to connect to the registry on the server (DSCWDMT), or you are not a member of
    the OLAP Administrators group on this server.

    I found in this forum a similar post, and its proposed solution (apply sp1 to AS) will not work, because I have already SP1 installed (see also article Q297232 on MSDN).

    I did the following tests:
    1) run examples on \Programs\Microsoft Analysis Services\Samples
    Yes, they work, but without DSO. I need DSO
    2) Build a dll and register it for wwwroot.
    Same error message
    3) follow instruction on Q224973 (MSDN)
    Same error message

    I have the suspect, that the installation and/or the authorizations on W2K are not correct, but I do not know what.
    I run SQL2K with unthrusted authorization (i.e. with user logon and password). This use is also allowed to see cubes (at least SELECT) in Analysis services. MDX Commands work fine and I get results.

    So the question is: which user is trying to access DSO Services via Internet ?
    if it is IUSR_<ServerName>, than it cannot work, because it has only guest auth. on ServerName, and it would not be correct to change it.

    Do you have any hint ?

    Background Infos:
    OS: W2K with sp2
    IS: IIS 5
    Database: MS SQL2K with sp1
    AS: SP1
    Language: Visual Basic scripting edition (VBSCRIPT)

    Thanks in advance

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    Remember that using Windows 2000 and your web server - IIS 5.0 - all connections and all things that you use from WEB use the default Windows 2000 user account that's IIS_<machine name>...

    For example, if you must use a different Regional Settings for your WEB Aplications - ASP - and set it on the server by <b>Administrator</b> account, nothing will be changed by WEB users but the account used to local permissions on IIS is the IIS account ( IIS_<machine name> or IWS_<machine name> - I don't remember now ) .

    [ ]'s
    Pedro Henrique Nunes
    Sao Paulo - Brasil

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    Yes, this is correct. Everything works under the account IUSR_<MachineName>.
    The problem ist meanwhile solved.
    The error message came because IIUSR_<MachineName> could not read Registry Entries for HKLM/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/OLAP Server/...
    So I added IUSR_<MachineName> wit readonly authorisation. This solved the problem.
    Anyway this cannot be a good solution, because You change punctually something without a general application rule.
    So I keep on searching.


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