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    Exclamation Unanswered: Problem with FullText indexing...

    I've read numerous posts regarding FullText indexing and none of the solutions seem to work. If I can't make this work, I will be reluctantly switching to mySQL. My current system setup is as follows: Win2kServer running MSSQL 7.0. The system is currently a member of a domain I've created called EPIKNEX. All of the SQL services start under the Local System account, and I always log as Administrator of the machine.

    I've tried everything to make a FullText index. I can easily enough create the index and link it to the appropriate date, but the index never populates. It remains at 1MB with 0 words regardless. Help is greatly appreciated! I'd like to keep using MSSQL, but if fulltext fails ... to mySQL I go.

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    OK, you already have a table and do u want to make a FullText Index for it?

    If you already created by using Enterprise Manager or Query Analiser, do you try to see the Execution Plan to test your indexes?

    Case not, you can use it by using Query Analizer -> Query -> Display Estimated Execution Plan

    If in the result show a name of your index , move your mouse over the results and see the statistics of SQL use to perform your query.

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