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Thread: DB2 UDB Loader

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    Unanswered: DB2 UDB Loader

    I have multiple loader scripts for loading data int DB2 UDB tables.

    The first script ran fine.

    The second scripts load just waits.

    The scripts are loading to different Tables and the Table Spaces are in normal state after the load.

    I am clueless as to what is happening in the second load.

    This is the command I use to load the table
    LOAD FROM f:\DB2\Loader\fcn\InData\dim_date.txt OF ASC MODIFIED BY dateformat="YYYYMMDD" pagefreespace=0 totalfreespace=0 nullindchar=Y DUMPFILE=f:\db2\loader\fcn\IOmsg\dim_date.err METHOD L ( 1 20, 21 90, 91 190, 191 198 ) NULL INDICATORS ( 0, 0, 0, 0 ) MESSAGES f:\DB2\Loader\fcn\IOmsg\dim_date.mes REPLACE INTO CIDAPP.dim_date ( DATE_KEY, DATE_BUS_KEY_TXT, DATE_BUS_KEY_DESC, DATE_BUS_DATE ) STATISTICS NO COPY YES TO C:\TEMP\ INDEXING MODE AUTOSELECT

    and the second script is similar, pointing to different table and load file names.

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    have db2 version info?
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    There could be several reasons for the apparent "hang". I would suggest running "db2 list applications show detail" and "db2 get snapshot for all applications on database <dbname>". This will give you some idea as to how/where to proceed with the next step of your troubleshooting.

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    Check out the db2 load query table <table name> option

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