The problem is like this ..:
We are a handful of 3 Collg Students, all Programmers. We dont know much about DBA of SQL SERVER...just programming. We dont know much about advanced queries.
We have got a applicaiton to b tested. It is developd in VB & SQL Server 7.0. The VB is applicaiton only used to invoke the procedures and the Procedures does the entire job. Now the job is: Read the data from the Files into the Temp tables(not the one in tempdb database, just called temporary). The data file is read using BCP utility of SQL Server.The Data file also brings the format file along with it. The procedure are required to read the data from the temporary tables and then transfer the data into the master table - in due course when this tranfering takes place the data is required to convert into specific data types. The the actual tranfer tkes place. Now Why conversions happens later , becoz all the data in the temp tables in in String format(CHAR/VARCHAR).

Now our taks is to - 1) fine tune the BCP utility; 2) fine-tune & optimize the procedures.

Note that every tbale has non-clustered indexes. There are total of 58 tables , out of which say 9 are temporary tables, other 9 are master tables, & rest are to keep track of the table activities and their execution time, specifically for log maintenances, etc

Do you need any script or all of the tables & Procedures... We dont have the test-data right now with us, plz send any emails at