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    Unanswered: strange content


    I have a database server machine with sql server installed and some databases already constructed.

    Than, i have also remote access to the sql server through another machine in the lan.

    One of this days i switched my remote access machine by another and installed again the sql server client tools for remote access to the server.

    The installation went well and i successfully connected to the server remotely through this new machine.

    My problem is that i have severall tables in my databases with a mixture of nvarchar type fields, and also int and small int.
    But now, when i do open table and return rows, all the rows with nvarchar type appear filled with <binary> and i am not allowed to change or fill them. All the other fields are ok.

    Why did sql server automaticaly filled nvarchar fields with <binary> and how can i change this?

    Thanks in advance.
    José Fernandes

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    Sounds like the client doesn't recognise unicode.
    What os is it running.
    Make sure you have the lastest version of mdac installed.

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