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    Unanswered: SQL question

    Hi - I'm running an example from a book using Java with databases. In the example I'm running, you need to run an SQL script on the database,
    unfortunately a script for mySQL was not avaiable. I don't know mySQL inside out, and I would really appreciate it if some Oracle/DB2 guru on here helped me...converting one of these scripts below to conform with mySQL. It seems like all I need to do is replace some keywords; My SQL loader for mySQL chokes when it encounters syscat or sys.all_constraints from from Oracle SQL. Any help would be appreciated.

    This is what it looks like as an Oracle SQL script

    select c.table_name child_table,
    c.column_name child_column,
    p.table_name parent_table,
    p.column_name parent_column
    from sys.all_constraints l,
    sys.all_cons_columns c,
    sys.all_cons_columns p
    where l.constraint_type = 'R'
    and l.constraint_name = c.constraint_name
    and l.r_constraint_name = p.constraint_name
    and l.owner = c.owner
    and l.r_owner = p.owner
    and c.position = p.position

    select c.tabname child_table,
    c.colname child_column,
    p.tabname parent_table,
    p.colname parent_column
    from syscat.references l,
    syscat.keycoluse c,
    syscat.keycoluse p
    where l.constname = c.constname
    and l.refkeyname = p.constname
    and l.tabschema = c.tabschema
    and l.reftabschema = p.tabschema
    and c.colseq = p.colseq

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    It looks like you are trying to extract some sort of referential integrity information. MySQL does not support referential integrity so I don't think any linkage information will exist.


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