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    Unanswered: Need Help With Front End

    Not My Car!! I am new to this forum.. as a matter of fact This is my first day.... I have to say pretty neat forum. I have been using most the time the past few years.

    My Question is. I have been using MS Access and am starting the progression to SQL. I was wanting as much input as to which Front End programming language is eaiser, what are the pros and cons. I am trying to take a new development in my database development adventure. Boy has it been one! I am proficent with VBA but I get confused once in a while, and I am 100% self taught! I would really like to hear your comments. Thanks in advance!

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    If you know VBA, then the transition to VB6 will be a breeze. Some may suggest that this is the time for you to learn VB.NET, but many compannies will not be migrating their applications to this newer platform because of cost, compatibility, stability, etc. VB6 will be around for a while

    If you choose VB6, then I suggest you become proficient with ADO so your applications can connect to small (MS Access) and massive (Oracle) databases and MS Excel workbooks locally and on large networks. Yes, you also use it to connect to SQLServer tables. Become comfortable with SQL, because with that language you write database triggers, and stored procedures, as well as perform ADO database / worksheet operations. Learn to use ADOX (ADO Ext for DDL and Security) so you can create MS Access tables and MS Excel worksheets from scratch (you use SQL to create Oracle tables). And finally, learn to write HTML so you can create and communicate with webpages.

    That should keep you busy for the next year. Good Luck!

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