Currently, I'm using data source in WebSphere instead of
DriverManager.getConnection() to getting the database connection.

Although I'm able to get the connection, but I failed to call
OraclePrepareStatetement and OraclePrepareStatetement.setFormOfUse in I'm only able to get it done when I'm change to use
DriverManager.getConnection() instead of WebSphere data source.

Does it means Websphere data source unable work with Oracle JDBC
features ?

If can what should I do so that I can use WebSphere Data source and
OraclePrepareStatement together ?

Currently, I'm using Oracle9i or Oracle8i, WebSphere3.5 Advance
edition and Java jdk1.2.2.

I'm alreday set the classpath to include in solaris
environment and command line in websphere console.