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    Question Unanswered: Pure MS-DOS Connection to SQL-Server?


    I want to use pure MS-DOS-Handhelds for warehouse keeping. Therefore I would like to get a connection to our SQL-Server from MS-DOS. Unfortunately, ISQL or OSQL just work in a DOS-Box from Windows with ODBC or ADO installed.

    Is there a possibility or a program that I can use to question our database from a DOS-program?

    Thanks in advance


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    You will need something to handle the datasteam if you connect from the handheld - the equivalent of mssqlrv32.

    Another option is to connect to something else on the server - like a com object which then handles the database access - bit like iis and mts.

    I'm sure there are plenty of ways of doing this if you could find someone who knows how to code in dos.

    A not very nice way would be to put the create a text file on the server with the request. A task runs on the server looking for these text files, executes the request and creates another text file with the result - the handheld opens that text file and reads the result.

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    isql & osql use DB-Library to connect to SQL Server. I have used this sollution (may years ago) to connect to Sybase on Win 3.1, Should work just fine on MS-DOS/SQL Server.
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