I've got a little issue here and would like to get some valuable input from this forum. I am new to oracle and soon will be needing to export a 10gb database either from tape backup or the actual sun server in a commonly readable format and make sure the data is not corrupted before I do the export. I will need that data/schema in such format so I can import it easily into either oracle, mysql, mssql on NT when it is currently residing on sun machine and being backed up using veritas backup onto a tape drive. I dont have neither veritas backup software or sun servers.

What are some steps/tips I should follow? Commands I need to run to check the integrity of the data and do the export? How do I connect to the oracle server (e4500/Solaris) with a NT laptop to get the export transferred to it? There might be an oracle dba doing the export and the integrity checks, how do i ensure he does everything correctly what should i ask him to perform? Backup the data, Clear the database and then restore it from backup?

Thank you for your help.