I know it can be done in code, but is there any way to pass parameters from one QUERY to another at runtime?

Here's the scenario: I have a query that returns raw scores from a table based on several parameters; I want to calculate totals for different combinations of values for these parameters. Each total will return one record, and I'd like to concatenate these records (using a UNION) so the user can get the results in a single table. It seems very impractical, not to mention poor programming style, to have a separate query for each combination of parameter values. But I can't figure out how to make the "totals" query pass the parameters to the "raw scores" query. Ultimately, I want to have a form where the user selects some additional parameters (not necessary the same ones as are passed to the "raw scores" query), and a totals table pops up which can be pasted into Excel. I thought about dynamically creating the totals query in VB, but it seems overly complicated (and slow), and I don't know if I'd be able to then create a subform based on this query, which, in turn, would be inserted into the main form. Any suggestions? Sorry if this turned out too long...