I am stumped..

I am fairly new to replication methods and need assistance with the following problem.

I have three servers all running SQL 2000. On server1 and server2 there are two main databases. On those databases there are five tables each for a total of ten tables. The setup looks like this:

Server1 Server2 Server3
Table1 Table1 Table1a
Table2 Table2 Table2a
Table3 Table3 Table3a
Table4 Table4 Table4a
Table5 Table5 Table5a

Table1 on server1 has the same architecture as Table1 on server2 with different information in each column. Here is what I need to do:

I need to merge the ten tables on Server1 and Server2 into the five tables located on Server3. Does anyone know this procedure? I would greatly appreciate any help.