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    Unanswered: Send Special Character to Printer

    I have a requirement to send a hex string to a POS receipt printer from Star Micronics. Once the printer receives this character, it is supposed to cut the roll paper. The vendor's tech support has been of little help. They claim they are not programmers.

    Question: I have tried inserting a text box control in the report footer and inserting the hex characters in it via VBA code but this does not work. I have tried using both a regular font and a control font that I presume was installed with the printer driver.

    What is the standard way used to send special control characters to a printer? Should I be using a text box or some other control?



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    Try Chr() function:

    strMyString = Chr(65) & Chr(66) & Chr(67)


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    Thank you for the reply. I learned about the CHR$ function from your response.

    The problem is turning out to be an issue regarding Dell serial port drivers. When the printer in question was moved to a serial port on a non Dell machine, it worked perfectly. We are escalating this with Dell.

    Thanks again.

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