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    Thumbs down Unanswered: Security problem

    As i see you have deep experience.
    Look this link:
    This is crack for any security of Ms access(*.mdw/local psw), cripted/non-cripted/multi-level secure...
    And this is realy problem.
    If you suggest how to resolve this, plz., write.

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    a smiple way round this might be to dissable shift key on db start up, (if you search access help for "Allowbypasskey" and see the example, you can copy and paste it to a new module, run the module and the shift key is dissabled) do not use db passwords.

    use a start up form that has a text box linked to a macro that checks the input against a password stored in a table. you can then give the user 3 attempts to input the correct password.

    on faliure of the 3rd attempt a macro can be triggered to rename another macro to autoexec which is set to quit DB on start up.

    this will lock out anyone attempting to try multiple password bombardment.

    you can then recover the database by exporting from another db a macro called autoexec with one command



    this will re-enable the shift key start up bypass allowing you to delete the auto exec macro and reset the password.

    this is breakable by someone who knows enough about access, but the average pc user armed with a code breaker will not get in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you could also change the name of the AllowBypassKey property in the VB module to something like youcan'tGetIn

    your code would then be ChangeProperty("youCan'tGetin","",True)

    this might prevent any smart ass importing a macro and enabling shift key.

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