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    Exclamation Unanswered: Convert text to a date


    I am relatively new to using Access and have run into a problem. I am importing a spreadsheet that shows a date field in the following format:

    e.g. 1020131

    What this means is that it is January 31. The 102 is meaningless. I want to reformat the field to display as 01/31/2002. I am trying to build an expression to do this. So far I have come up with:

    NewDate: Right([Date Stamp],4) & "2002"

    My expression displays this:


    The next step is to format this into a proper date format. Plus I would really like my expression to show the current year. Don't want to hard code the year like I am presently doing. Help!
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    If your year is formatted the same each time. You can do this.

    Function NewDate(strDate As String) As Date

    Dim strDate As String

    NewDate = CDate(Mid(strDate, Len(strDate) - 3, 2) & "/" & Right(strDate, 2) & "/" & Year(Date))

    Debug.Print strNewDate

    End Function

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