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    Unanswered: Error18025:xp_test_mapi_profile failed with mail error0x80040111


    I configured the Sql server agent to start with local system and made a profile in intenet mail as SQLMail (Did not used Outlook or Excahnge Server used ar inbox on desktop (Windows messaging system) and internet mail, sendmail which we are having in house), When I tried to Configure SQL Mail for sql server and test , it is ginving the following error.

    Error18025:xp_test_mail_profile failed with mail error 0x80040111

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    mail problems by using sql server


    i have the same Problemes, how you described it.

    Did you start the mail Session?

    Have a look on this:
    USE master
    EXEC xp_startmail

    Please enter this brackets in Sql Query and start them.

    My Problems already exists. I have problems in sending an e-mail if a error occurs by excuting jobs.

    Harald Bothner

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    Post xp_test_mail_profile and problemas using SQL Server

    Ok fellows....

    There goes the answers to both of you.

    1- Error18025:xp_test_mapi_profile failed with mail error0x80040111

    The SQL Server relies in the MAPI libraries to send email messages. Unfortunately, it works at its best allied with Exchange, wich you seem to do not have. But it also works with a pop3 box, leaving the inconvenient need of requiring an Outlook open to get and send messages, and you would have to manage it manually.

    Try to use Exchange. If you cant, try using CDONTS. Take a look at the link bellow:;en-us;312839

    2- mail problems by using sql server

    It seems to me that you have not configured the SQL Mail Agent, wich is used by the SQL Server Agent to send notifications about alerts or job status etc.
    Take a look at the properties of your SQL Server Agent and see if the email profile is set properly. If its not, just set it and then restart the SQL Server Agent and you´re done.

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