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    Unanswered: how to attach SQL server 2000 tables to Access 2.0 mdb



    I am having nearly 80 MB of coding in MS Access 2.0, only frontend
    containing forms reports, macros etc. and not database My database size is 400 MB.

    My database (Backend) MDBs are different from the frontend MDBs. I am attaching the tables from backend MDBs to frontend MDB.

    I am very much happy with the frontend. Now i want to put my database on SQL2000 and still use the Access 2.0 frontend.

    If it is Access 97 or 2000 frontend, it is easy to attach tables. Can you
    help me in knowing the procedure how to attach SQL server 2000 tables to Access 2.0 mdb

    Thanks a lot.

    K.L Srinivasa Rao

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    ODBC is the answer

    You should create and SQL ODBC that points to your SQL database, then... in access, link a atable using the ODBC, there you'll be able to see all the tables from the database accessed from the odbc...

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    Aw dangit, I almost solved this one. Just a few more minutes and I woulda had it.

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