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    Unanswered: I can see an IIS Server but connot see as SQL Server on same PC thru ODBC. Why??

    Why is it that I can see a remote server in the browser on a workstation by typing in


    but I cannot see an SQL Server 7.0 database on that same remmote PC. In other words, I cannot manually set up a Data Source Name for that SQL Server.

    This happens only on WIN NT 4.0 boxes.

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    First from your workstation can you ping MY_IIS_SERVER, if so then check that you have TCP/IP enabled using the 'Client Network Utility' that comes with SQL Server.

    If you can not ping MY_IIS_SERVER, can you ping the IP address, If so then again make sure TCP/IP is enabled and then do 1 of 2.

    1) Add an entry in LMHOST for MY_IIS_SERVER
    2) Use SQL Server Client Network Utility and add an alias to MY_IIS_SERVER

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