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    Unanswered: How to start/stop DB2 version 7.2 Linux 7.2

    I have just downloaded DB2 version 7.2 IBMs Universal Database. I would like to know how to start and stop the services. How do you login to the system and access tables?

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    first of all you have to login using your any of db2user accounts.normally db2inst1,db2admin are the default users created on db2.or else if you login as root change over to db2 user using

    su db2inst1(db2 username)

    once you have login as db2 user.

    db2start(for starting the services)
    db2stop (for stopping the services)

    db2 CONNECT TO databasename USER username USING password

    the above command will connect you to database.then you can make

    SQL queries like this.

    db2 select * from tablename;

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