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    Post Unanswered: client database did not begin a transaction

    i'll try to explain my problem.
    i have two oracle databases (db1 and db2), in one of them (db1) i have triggers that insert in the other db2 when a insert or update is produced in some tables. These inserts are produced from a delphi program. The problem is that, when the delphi program do commit in db1 the trigger generates error 02041:client database did not begin a transaction and i don't know why. Can somebody help me?

    Thank you.

    PD: sorry if my English is not so good. ;-)

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    I imagine you are using ODBC to connect to your database...

    In this case the problem may be in a configuration in the ODBC driver:
    you should enable the option 'Disable MTS support' in your DSN configuration.
    It may also be necessary to drop and recreate the DSN

    My suggestion is true if you get the error with your Delphi component but not in SQL*Plus.

    If this suggestion does not solve the problem, please tell me the version of both your databases and the version of your ODBC driver.

    Hope can help,

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