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    Unanswered: Text fields without CR charachter

    I'm a newbie with FM, and I have to resolve this problem:
    I have some text fields, and don't want to see them increase their size if the user press the CR key.
    Is there a way to disable the CR key? Something in a plug-in or a "freeware" solution too?
    Thanks a lot.

    Brugiatelli Vittorio

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    Non-Expanding Fields

    Hmmm. that would be cool, but I haven't seen a plugin that will do that yet. I don't think there is anyway to prevent the field from expanding.

    If you just need to remove the CR's from the field after the user has entered it, you could do that via a calculation or script. has a searchable plugin database that lists many different kinds of plugins. You might try checking there.

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