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Thread: policy for DBA?

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    Unanswered: policy for DBA?

    what policy would you impose on your Company's DBA?

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    Re: policy for DBA?

    Originally posted by lamderham
    what policy would you impose on your Company's DBA?
    Under no circumstances should the DBA converse with end users or non-technical management.

    The DBA should spend Wednesday afternoons on the golf course.

    The DBA shall not be expected to be at work before lunchtime if they were in the office after 7pm the night before. Exceptions may be allowed if overtime time is approved.

    The DBA will not under any circumstances have to justify the need for new hardware or software in writing. His word is good enough.

    sysadmin rights will be given to any DBA on all machines, including the PDC if in an NT environment.

    ..... I may be a little biased though

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