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    Unanswered: Tracking Subscription Credits

    I'm a fairly inexperienced Access user who is learning by randomly clicking things and trying them out.

    So far I've gotten fairly comfy with flat databases...still haven't gotten the hang of the whole relationship thing...and I'm not sure how to do it in a database either.

    Anyhow, my current problem is as follows:

    I'm setting up a database to track customers and subscriptions for a small-time magazine I publish. The key part that's got me stuck is tracking "subscription credits".

    Every account would have a sum of credits. (Credits are obtained by either purchasing them, or contributing content) Now, everytime I publish an issue I want to be able to click a button that "magically" knocks one credit off all accounts.

    So far I've tried building a query that subtracts the current issue number. However, that got very messy as it asked for that number everytime I looked at any account files.

    Any ideas?


    -Ryan Pilling

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    you possibly need to use an Update type query like this:

    UPDATE Orders SET Credits = Credits - 1, DateUpdated = Now() WHERE Credits > 0;


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