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    Hello Group
    I am a first time user in to the group. I was trying to get help online and i found this group read the postings and thought it to be the place to begin.
    I am new to unix and sybase. I got hold of a 6gb sparc box.
    Currently i an trying to load sybase ase 11.9.2. i heve solaris 2.6 and 2.8
    1. Can i load ase 11.9.2 on solaris 2.8 and if so which patches would i need.
    2. how do i setup and configure sybase . Any guidance on how i should proceed.
    I had solaris 2.8 bur i replaced it with solaris 2.6, created a user account for sybase with its home directory /usr/sybase
    / 600
    /opt 427
    /sybase 1024
    export/home 256
    /tmp 768
    /usr 1024
    am i on the right track and what do i need to do in order to proceed. Any tips.

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    Willy is on vacation
    Hi there

    Follow link below, this is all you need to know on installation



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