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Thread: Oracle hangs

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    Unhappy Unanswered: Oracle hangs

    Old Oracle 7.2 on Aix 4.3.3
    Every evening about the same time during heavy batch jobs (no users logged in) oracle hangs. I receive no errors messages It just hangs.
    My only option (as far as I can see) is to shutdown abort and restart oracle.
    I've earlier discovered the error "checkpoint not complete" in the logfile. Which maybe could indicate why oracle hangs.
    I've resized the redolog files and the error/warning msg does not appear again.
    But - Orale still hangs.
    Days with no heavy load everything is ok.
    Any ideas?

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    Are you running in Archive Log Mode?

    If for some reason Oracle can't archive the online logs, it will just sit there until the problem goes away. Once there is space or the network is back up, it will just carry on where it left off and do the checkpoint.

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