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    Post Unanswered: Database Corruption since XP workstation Installed

    Ever since installing a Win XP workstation, our database will become corrupted, sometime many times a day. The database is not split into front/back end, and it resides on Win 98SE workstation. The db is fine on the days the Win XP workstation is not used, but if used, very good chance db will become corrupted. Also, longtime problem, "Out of Memory", and all machines have above 256m. Can work around usually by pressing "Ctrl-S" then "Ctrl-F4". Any ideas ?

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    Sounds like the problem could be related to the machine itself. In this case, I would go as far as to replace the network card on the workstation or look at packet loss across the network (transferring large files for example). Access databases tend to act as 'canaries' for faulty network cards/cables etc and this could well be the cause.

    There are no known peculiarities with XP and Access as far as workstations creating corruption (as far as I know). So I would suggest going down the usual path of eliminating possible causes as above.

    Also, you should definitely split the database frontend/backend (as inconvenient as this is!) as it will help prevent corruption.

    The following is a good MS KB on preventing corruption:

    See ACC2000: How to Troubleshoot/Repair a Damaged Jet 4.0 Database (Q209137)


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