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    Question Unanswered: TopCount of a TopCount in MDX

    I am looking to write a query that returns a result set that in effect is the Top 5 Stores based on sales of the Top 10 Selling Products. I am struggling with the MDX. I was trying different combinations of TopCount and Filter functions but with not much success. Any samples are appreciated. thanks.

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    something like

    select top 5 s.store_id, sales = sum(sps.sales)
    from stores s, storeproductsales sps
    where sps.product_id in
    (select top 10 product_id from productsale order by sales desc)
    and s.store_id = sps.store_id
    group by s.store_id
    order by sum(sps.sales) desc

    If you don't have the totals in tables already then create derived tables to do it.

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