I'm currently testing a fairly simple Access 2000 application written on a Win98 PC that has MDAC 2.5. The application uses ADO and moves data between the Access database and a Sybase 11 database, populating several internal Access tables with the
recordsets returned by the queries to the Sybase server. The Access
database-program resides on a network share. When run from the Win98 machine, this application takes about 1/2 hour to run. When the same application is run from the XP machine (which has MDAC 2.7), it takes 4 to 5 hours. It seems all the extra time is lost during the
population of the internal Access tables with the recordset results
(the query to the Sybase server seems to be unaffected). I even tried
replacing (cut and paste) the MDAC dlls with the 2.5 versions, but
this had no effect (and you can't seem to downgrade 2.7 to 2.5 by
running the 2.5 installation). I'm baffled. Has anyone run into this
kind of problem? Any solutions or explanations discovered?

Thank you.