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    ERROR: ODBC Error Code = 22001
    (String data right truncation) [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL
    Server]String or binary data would be truncated.

    I am using CF5 with SQL server 2000.

    I have a text field on my page, which have value with double quotes..say for example, FORUM''s instead of FORUM's .
    whether this will create the above error ?

    Another thing i want to ask is, some users are able to get my page, without any above error. but some are getting this error. is it a browser issue. ? bcoz one of the user who have IE5.x is not able to access the page, but another user with IE5.x is able to view without any error. I am confused.

    Can someone put shed light ? Please advise me....

    Thanks !

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    Somewhere along the way you are truncating data, you could be passing to long a value into a stored procedure parameter, or retrieving a data field into a variable that is too small.

    It may work on one person browser but not the other person's, not because of the browser but because of what the program does.


    A stored procedure is passed in a UserID and returns a clients profile, Firstname, lastname, telephone,....etc. The stored procedure could be defined with @UserID as CHAR(8).

    Use 1 - UserID = 'SMITHA' works
    Use 2 - UserID = 'TRAPNELLJ' fails, because value being passed in is length 9.

    You are going to have to go through your code.

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