I am doing an upgrade between two computers and I run into this
problem (see below) during the execution more specific when the server get
to the following point 'Export and Import via Named Pipe'

the error file is shown below
Export.exe on the remote machine was hung...

Export Exit Code: 259 - export.exe -CodePage 1252 -DeviceType Pipe -AllTables yes -MasterPath D:\sysappl\SQL\DATA\MASTER.DAT -DatabaseName JourTest -DevicePath \\.\pipe\~cnvpipe0

Import Exit Code: -1 - ~cnvpipe0

Msg 4854, Level 21, State 1, Server HKSKAT01, Procedure , Line 1

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]****

Time:02-06-2002 12:37:30.406

Error return from function CreateFile

in file CnvPipe.cpp



Msg=Result Code = 0x0000052e


I get the error no matter what database i choose to upgrade even when I choose all of them.

I checked the databases according to microsoft's documentation, so that all conditions should be in order prior to upgrading.

Has anyone met the same error or does anyone has a solution/suggestion to how I solve this annoing problem.