Hello everybody.
I am trying to connect to msql7 to use a store procedure that have a heterogeneous query and I cant do that without set ANSI_NULLS and ANSI_WARNINGS, but I dont know how to do it.

What should I add to my code to do that?

(I saw that setting must be done before the connection begin, and I also tried to set ansi_nulls and ansi_warnings in the store procedure but it doesn't work.)



PDBPROCESS dbproc; // The connection with SQL Server.
PLOGINREC login; // The login information.
DBCHAR name[100];
DBCHAR city[100];

// Install user-supplied error- and message-handling functions.
dberrhandle (err_handler);
dbmsghandle (msg_handler);

// Initialize DB-Library.
dbinit ();

// Get a LOGINREC.
login = dblogin ();
DBSETLUSER (login, "my_login");
DBSETLPWD (login, "my_password");
DBSETLAPP (login, "example");

// Get a DBPROCESS structure for communication with SQL Server.
dbproc = dbopen (login, "my_server");

// Retrieve some columns from the authors table in the
// pubs database.

// First, put the command into the command buffer.
dbcmd (dbproc, "SELECT au_lname, city FROM pubs..authors");
dbcmd (dbproc, " WHERE state = 'CA' ");

// Send the command to SQL Server and start execution.
dbsqlexec (dbproc);


thank you in advance
(and sorry for my english)