Hi dbFormum members,

i think i got a real big Problem, i try to update an MS Sql 7.0 Server to an SQL 8.0 (2000) Server. 2 of my Databeses got a smal Logfilesize and during the update it grows full and the update is broken.

After broken Update i could not start the Enterprise Manager to reconfigure the Logfile size of the databases. So I detached the 2 Databaseswith the Query Analyser, and restart the update. Then it works and now I have the SQL 8 Sever running, but only the Raw .mdf and . ndf Files with their .ldf Logfiles.

The Problem is that they are the old SQL 7 Databases and now i could not attach them with sp_attach_db. During the aatach mechanism It always say's that the logfiles are full and i should upgrade the Databases to 8.0, but after attach i can see the Database in SQL's Entrprise Manager but could not get the properties dialog to change the Logfilesize. If i make an alter tabel wit Query analyser it says i shoul upgrade DB to 8.0 !

Is it posssible to change the Logfile Size Properties with an Offline or detached Databese ?

Any Idea's ?

Know someone of an Page where i could find the Syntax Definfition of a Lofile ?