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    I run a music related website ( and I'm using the SQL2000 full text search engine.

    If you go to the site via this link... It would be searching on the phrase 'the way it is'

    Which is all noise words... yet could be a title of some sheet music that we carry. I need to know how to build the SQL full text catalog to allow this search to work properly... Any ideas? Thanks!


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    Thanks for using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Full-Text Search on your web site. This should help:

    You need to update your noise words list and then repopulate your Full-Text index in order to accept searches on titles such as "the way it is" . You may find your noise word files under:

    \Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$INSTANCENAME\Ftdata\SQLServer\Config\ noise.enu (for US English)

    You may add words to be excluded from the index, and likewise remove words that you would like included.

    Once you are satisfied with changes, restart MSSearch service and you will need to repopulate your catalogs.

    This should fix your problem right away.

    All the best,

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