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    Unanswered: Alert for a job step

    I have a job with 5 steps.
    I want a custom alert after the first step is executed reagrdless of whether it succeeds or fails on execution. I want to do a net send of the alert only after step1 is completed. How do i do this?
    Thank you very much for the help.

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    You can create step 2 as the send alert and go to that step on both success and failure.

    You can also call your step step 2
    Create step 1 as a failure alert step
    Create step 3 as a success alert step
    Start the job at step 2 and goto step 1 on failure, step 3 on success.
    Step 1 and step 3 can call an SP to send the alert.

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    thank you for the reply. Appreciate your responses and help in this forum.
    Yes, I have made a custom error message/code and an custom alert for that error code.
    And all i do is raiserror with the custom error code passed as parameter in the job step. this is captured by the alert and the net send is generated. By the way how do i send an alert from an SP?

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