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    Unhappy Unanswered: Ingres Corruption

    I've recently got BAD_ATTRIBUTE errors using IngresII on Solaris8. This error came out of the blue.

    I've search the net and the only explanation I can find is that Ingres put some corrupt info in database fields.

    I had to unload-reload these tables using "copydb -c" before I could get around it. That suggests that some odd control charater must have somehow got into one of the index fields that is common to about 10 tables.

    The application is written using the Ingres ABF tools. Is there any way of capturing dud characters before they get to the braindead DB Engine?

    Has anyone else had this?

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    Are the character sets of the system from where you get the data files, equal to the system where you wont upload?
    Normaly, wen is diferent, you have problems with some characters.

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