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    Unanswered: decimal point representation

    Hi all,

    recently I installed IBM DB2 V.7.2 PE for Linux on a german SuSE 7.0 System for testing purposes.
    There were two problems I could not resolve.
    The first: trying to load a 25MByte-file with SQL-inserts into the database using db2sql92 nearly let the server crash. At this point, db2sql92 consumed about 500 MB of memory, which is no fun on a 512-MB-System. And so far, not the half of the data was loaded.

    The second: The representation for the decimal point for numeric values
    is a comma, but I need the usual representation (a period). And I have no idea how to change this. Any attempts to do this via DB2COUNTRY or DB2CODEPAGE or $LANG did not work. The clp-Tool and my own CLI-Applications still deliver commas, and no periods period
    The JDBC-Applications, in turn, do the right conversion.

    Any comments/hints are welcome


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    Hi, not sure about the comma vs decimal point offhand. But for the SQL Insert file, are there commits being issued every few inserts? Would using the load utility be an option?

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