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    Unanswered: adding input mask through sql

    Howdy all,
    I'm a little baffled here. I am trying to avoid using access to create tables. I can run a create table statement and everything works fine. I've been able to add primary keys, default values, etc, and that's worked fine. What I'm stumped on, is how do I create an input mask through sql?

    I've found some comparable oracle statements and I'd think it'd look something like this.

    CREATE TABLE blarg
    (idx integer identity(1,1) CONSTRAINT pKey PRIMARY KEY,
    ssn text(11) CONSTRAINT CHECK (ssn LIKE

    Any thoughts on how to set an input mask using create table or alter table?

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    You can use a make table query or in vb code. If the first method create the query then change the query type to make table type via Query menu in design mode (you will be prompted for table name to create). In later method, search this forum for "INSERT INTO" and you will get some great ideas.

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