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    Question Unanswered: Unique ID

    Hi folks:
    Is there a way to select the current id being generate when a row is insert in the table. Say the id is autonumber which was generated with insert statement needs to be displayed.

    In Oracle usually SELECT seq_abc.currval will return the current value of the sequence.

    Once the entry has been made I need to use the same ID as a foreign key in another table.

    Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks! in advance.

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    I usually use Jet engine to do this sort of work.

    dim rst as dao.recordset
    dim strSQL as string
    dim lngNewKey as long

    strSQL = "Select * From tblTable Where False;"
    set rst = currentdb.openrecordset(strSQL,dbopendynaset)

    lngNewKey = rst.MyAutoNumberField
    ' now you can use lngNewKey in the application, for example use it
    ' as a foreign key in another table.
    set rst = nothing


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