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    Unhappy Unanswered: xml import in Sql server

    I am an Italian planner. There I write using a translator software, for which I hope be clear. my problem is the following:

    I must repeat data from an Access database in a Sql Server.
    I make it using VB with ADO.
    I open the Access [recordset] with ADO and the except with the SAVE method in a XML file.

    For read it I don't have problems. I do an OPEN with an ADO object.

    But wants him behavior with a DTS or with a [stored] procedures don't know like operate.

    The [stored] procedures of system [sp_xml_preparedocument] works only with variables and not with files.
    How behavior then?

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    u cannot give file as input , u can open the XML in the Program and pass it as text or ntext to the stored procedure

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