I have an application that runs on both NT and Solaris. Using my application I want to insert/retrieve non ASCII characters such as Euro to/from a DB2 database by specifying the hex values directly.

For this I suppose that ISO8859-15 character set on Solaris and CP1252 on windows for the client library will satisfy my requirement. In the case of Oracle, I set NLS_LANG to American_America.WE8ISO8859P15 on Solaris and American_America.WE8MSWIN1252 on NT. I was able to insert/retrieve characters such as Euro approriately. i.e on NT using the value 0x80 and on Solaris using the value 0xa4. This however was not happening properly without explicitly setting value of NLS_LANG.

My question is -> What are the corresponding settings that need to be done for DB2?

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