Dear Sir/madame,

I have tried to code a C program using embedded SQL. The database is DB2.

I had to connect to two databases, say A and B, select some rows from a specific table , say TabA from A database ,
do some manipulations and
just insert them into another table, say TabB in second database, that is B database.

Can you please tell me the step by step process as to how to go about for doing this? Please be clear as to the binding and making the exe part.

Can you please send the sample C code for this purpose and also give instructions as to how to make the final C application out of it ?
Please describe in detail as to how to make the binding against various databases and finally make the application. Please enumerate step-wise.

Sir/Madam, I will be highly obliged if I get an answer to this problem as soon as possible.

Thanking you in advance
Yours sincerely,