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    Unanswered: Moving logins on SQL Server 6.5?


    Can anyone provide any tips on moving all system logins from one 6.5 server to another(same database). I tried bulkcopy and the logins are there but log states for each login that "login was scripted with a null password for security reasons". Is there any way to tranfer them through the Database/Object Transfer dialog in Enterprise Manager?

    Thank you

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    Script the users with something like this (don't know exactly anymore no 6.5 server any more)


    select 'go sp_adduser '' , ' +
    from sysusers s1, sysusers s2
    where s1.gid = s2.uid
    and s1.suid > 1 -- no dbo
    and s1.uid * -1 <> s1.gid -- no groups

    And don't forget your sysalternates table (aliases)

    Just copy your results in a query window and execute

    Good luck


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