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    Unanswered: How about this... Help needed!

    I want to find out how many of my members that had a membership for six months or more.

    I got a table with these fields:
    Name, adress, adress2, telephone number, date of membership (the day they sign in)

    I have to fill in the "Now" date.

    I have never used Access before, and I need some examples to find out how the queries work.

    It may be easy for you but for me...

    Jan Iversen

    (I hope you understand the meaning in what I am saying. My english is rather poor)

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    Try either one.

    SELECT MemberID, DateOfMembership, DateDiff("m",DateOfMembership,Now()) AS DurationInMonths
    FROM tblMembers Where DurationInMonths >= 6;

    SELECT MemberID, DateOfMembership, DateDiff("d",DateOfMembership,Now()) AS DurationInDays
    FROM tblMembers Where DurationInDays >=180;

    6 months = approximately 180 days


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