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Thread: Unix vs. NT

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    Question Unanswered: Unix vs. NT

    We're predominantly an NT shop. With a small amount of Unix knowledge in house. We are looking at bringing Oracle into our shop to support a third party application. It runs on both NT and Unix. The initial sizing requirements appear as though scalability will not be an issue (at least for now.)

    Would you recommend implementing Oracle on NT or Unix and why.

    Are there any resources with informatio to support one direction over the other.

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    NT vs UNIX

    i personally would recomend yuo install oracle on NT as you say u r predominatly a NT shop.

    installing oracle on unix requires a good knowledge about the os and also shell scripting.

    if you donot have expertise i will advise you donot experiment.
    navigation and administration would be easy .


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    I've worked on both platforms and from a development perspective, unix will give you more flexibility and availability.

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