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    Unhappy Unanswered: datetime convert grief

    Hi, I have a problem when I traverse a table to update another, I have a nvarchar in the first holding some dates - (the only option). Though these need to be converted when the records are copied and updated. This is my code that is returning "Syntax error converting datetime from character string." Is there another way that i could do this ?

    Declare @CardNumber int
    Declare @EmployeeNumber int
    Declare @DutyDate nVarchar
    Declare @StartTime nvarchar
    Declare @DutyConvert datetime
    Declare @StartConvert datetime

    Declare rsMyCursor Cursor For Select [Site Card Number],[Employee Number],[Duty Date],[Start Time] FROM tblRosta1 WHERE checking is null
    Open rsMyCursor

    Fetch Next From rsMyCursor
    INTO @CardNumber, @EmployeeNumber, @DutyDate, @StartTime

    While @@Fetch_Status = 0

    --Select @DutyConvert = Convert(datetime, @DutyDate)
    --Select @StartConvert = Convert(datetime, @StartTime)

    INSERT INTO [tblDuties Repository] ([Site Card Number],[Employee Number], [Duty Date], [Start Time]) Values (@CardNumber, @EmployeeNumber, Convert(datetime, @DutyDate), Convert(datetime, @StartTime))

    print + @CardNumber
    Fetch Next From rsMyCursor
    INTO @CardNumber, @EmployeeNumber, @DutyDate, @StartTime


    Close rsMyCursor
    Deallocate rsMyCursor

    Any help would be great.


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    In the variable declaration mention the size. Secondly give a select from that table for these varchar fields and check whether any non-date values are present.


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