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    Unanswered: Transferring databases between servers

    I need some advice on copying databases, stored procedures, views, logins ..etc from a SQL Serevr 7.0 server, to a new SQL Server 2000 server.
    Is it better to backup the databases on one server and then restore them to the other. Or id it easier to use the Wizards to Import everything from new server, or to Export everything from the old server ?

    Any advice would be appreciated. I need to ensure that I do not miss anything, in particular Stored Procedures in the old master database.
    Mark Davies

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    Stored procedures in master is a bad idea I would move them into a user database as soon as possible.

    You can find all the SPs as they will be user rather than system objects and script them off.

    Backup and restore (or detach/attach) is safest method - and gives you a copy of what you have done. I wouldn't do this for system databases though.

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