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    I would like to run a dts package from the command-line and I am trying to integrate a process exit code in my DTS package which I can intercept in my command-line. Is this possible. Because the next step in my batch file is dependent on the outcome of my DTS package.

    Let me know if you have already tackeled that problem.

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    I just did this test in SQL 7.0.

    I created a simple package that just had 1 Activex Script Task:

    Function Main()
        Main = DTSTaskExecResult_Failure
    End Function
    From the command-line I ran DTSRUN utility, after which I checked the status of errorlevel, the DOS error status variable and it was set to 1, error. A value of 0 is success.

    c:\ dtsrun /S nike /E /Ptest /M
    c:\ echo %errorlevel%

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    Cool DTS

    So simple and yet so effective. THX

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