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    Unanswered: Record navigation / scrolling

    I have a DB for tracking employee data. It is set up so that the user scrolls through first names, second name gets looked up automatically and relevant data is called up into several 'sub pages' or tabs...all fine and well.

    The problem is that the user has to click a 'next record' or 'previous record' command button to advance or go back one record. This gets tedious when the list starts at A and they are looking for a name starting with S. Does anyone know of a way (in Access 2000) to set up the record navigation buttons to scroll forwards (or backwards) as long as the mouse button is held down ?. The speed of scrolling should be quick but not so fast as to be unreadable (I realise that this is to some extent machine dependant).

    Essentially what I want to do is to replicate the record navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen with larger buttons within the form.

    Any tips gratefully received....Kees

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    K - not sure if this will work but give it a try.

    Define a form-wide global variable as boolean and call it something like "keepScrolling". On your button (lets say the "next record" button set the "on mouse down" event to set this variable to true and then start a loop which continues until "keepScrolling" is false.

    Now on the "on mouse up" event for the same button set the "keepScrolling" variable to false.

    Hope this works! let me know.

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    How about a Index Slider? It's a quick way to bring up records that have a field which starts with a particular letter (or number). It's like a rapid Rolodex. A sample is attached. Just move the mouse pointer side to side in either Index boxes then click the left mouse button to select the letter displayed.

    But if you're bent on a quick scroll method then you can use the GetAsyncKeyState API function to get the state of the Left mouse button and if it's held down then continue flipping through the records (again...see attached sample). Do keep in mind though....its FAST. You can rip through hundreds of records in a few seconds. You can put something into the code to slow it down if you like. What that might be is up to you.

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