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    I have text field (orderNo)in form what is come from formula
    Me.[OrderNo] = Me.VesselID.Column(1) & " - " & Me.CategoryID.Column(1) & Me.Order & "\" & Me.OrderYearID.Column(1) and i make combo box (cmdOrderNo) and all order are show like this:
    dfm - d1/02
    dfm - d10a/02
    dfm - d10b/02
    dfm - d11/02
    dfm - d12/02
    dfm - d13/02
    dfm - d2/02
    dfm - d20/02
    dfm - d21/02 and ect,ect...
    what i nead is :
    dfm - d1/02
    dfm - d2/02
    dfm - d3/02
    dfm - d4/02
    dfm - d5/02
    dfm - d11/02
    dfm - d12/02
    dfm - d13/02
    tip. All field are text field's and i didn't make query for this combo box.
    so is any vb code what is gona make what i wont?
    Thanks to all

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    I'd just use beginning zeroes, like
    dfm - d0001/02
    dfm - d0002/02...
    dfm - d0010/02 etc.

    Otherwice it'll be quite a challenge to get them sorted right...

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    Yes, you're going to need to do as Cipher suggested.

    You need to, however, standardize your numbering system.

    What is the maximum number of characters of Me.VesselID.Column(1)?

    Same for Me.CategoryID.Column(1) & Me.Order

    I noticed that some of your order numbers were suffixed with an 'a', or a 'b'. You are going to need to take that in to account.

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