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    ERROR TERM/0 Print error

    WINXP / Clipper 5.3 / Tools3 /Exospace
    EPSON TM88ii ticketprinter => COM1

    Our clipper application gives a classic print command to COM1 port => Epson TM88ii ticketprinter.
    For years it works perfectly!
    It doesn't work since newer computers & operating systems WIN98 / WINme /WINXP

    ERROR TERM/0 Print error is produced.

    C:\> DIR > COM1 is OK
    via WINDOWS is OK
    Also an application via Xbase++ is OK

    How to solve ???


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    Error Term/0 Print Error

    Our clipper application is show this message too:

    "ERROR TERM/0 Print error"

    How to solve it, please ???


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